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8 Things You Need to Know About Dizziness and Vertigo


Vertigo is one of the most common medical symptoms experienced by people today, and the odds of getting vertigo increase significantly after age 40. If you are experiencing this false sensation of movement, what should you know? Should you consult a vertigo doctor based in Sacramento? Here are 8 facts about dizziness and vertigo followed by a natural way to find relief.

#1 Vertigo Can Be a Sign of Blood Flow Issues

Two parts of the body play the primary role in balance and spatial orientation for the body. The ears provide the information that is needed, and the central nervous system processes that information. If proper blood flow is not being received by either the ears or the brain, problems occur. The cervical spine plays a key part in ensuring blood reaches the head, so keeping the neck in proper alignment is a must.

#2 Vertigo Can Be a Sign of Hypertension

If you are suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), vertigo is one of the many notable symptoms. Fortunately, studies have shown that upper cervical chiropractic care is a valid treatment for high blood pressure, so once again, the issue may be related to proper alignment of the neck (the C1 and C2 in particular). Of course, low blood pressure can also cause vertigo. If this is the case, you are likely to experience dizziness if you stand up too quickly.

#3 Vertigo Could Be Related to Migraines and Other Neurological Conditions

When vertigo results from a problem in the central nervous system (CNS), it is categorized as central vertigo. Once again, the neck may offer the source of the problem. The C1 (atlas) surrounds and protects the brainstem. However, even the slightest misalignment can, in turn, put pressure on the brainstem and lead to abnormalities in CNS function. Thus, the upper cervical spine may play a role in this underlying cause of dizziness as well.

#4 Some Medications Cause Vertigo

Check the side effects of any medications you take. Many prescription drugs have vertigo as a side effect. Some of the more common drug types that cause this symptom include sedatives, antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, and blood pressure medications. Never stop taking your medicine without consulting a physician first. You may find that after upper cervical care you can take a lower dosage of medication that reduces some of the side effects. Some patients can even get off of medications like pain relievers or hypertension medications altogether after a checkup and approval from your doctor.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#5 You May Be Having a Panic Attack

Vertigo and anxiety go hand in hand. That's one reason that so many people confuse vertigo with an irrational fear of heights (acrophobia). It is the anxiety of being high up that leads to the onset of dizziness. However, anxiety in everyday situations can also trigger a bout of dizziness, so you may experience anxiety induced vertigo in a confined space, in a crowed room, or when you are trying to meet a difficult deadline at work. It all depends on what causes your anxiety to spike.

#6 You May Need to Increase Your Water Intake

Vertigo is one of the earliest signs of dehydration, so the fix may be as simple as watching your water intake and making sure you have 8-12 glasses of water per day. Try using an app to track how much water you drink on a daily basis. You may be surprised about how much water you actually drink versus how much you thought you were taking in each day.

#7 Dizziness Is a Symptom of Anemia

Anemia means that your body doesn't have enough iron. Besides dizziness, you will experience fatigue and an inordinate pallor. Another odd phenomenon is that anemic people often crave chewing on ice chips. Fortunately, you can be tested for anemia and a simple supplement should help get you back on track.

#8 In Rare Cases, Vertigo May Be Serious

Hopefully, if you ever experience the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke you would call 911 rather than looking up health information online. Vertigo is a potential symptom of these life-threatening ailments, so don't dismiss dizziness as harmless if other symptoms are present.

Natural Relief from Vertigo in Fair Oaks, CA

You probably notice that many of the underlying issues related to vertigo have to do with the neck, particularly the upper cervical spine. Thus, it makes sense to see an upper cervical chiropractor if you are experiencing a non-emergency form of vertigo. Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Sacramento is conveniently located in Fair Oaks, California to help to you get the natural relief you've been searching for.

Take the case of Robin as an example. She suffers from Meniere's disease, a condition that causes severe vertigo among other symptoms. Robin understands the benefits of chiropractic and has seen general chiropractors since 1990. At age 70, she has experienced a dramatic reduction in the frequency of her vertigo bouts after discovering upper cervical chiropractic care, a niche in the chiropractic field. You can read about her experience and many other on our patient reviews page.

If you are suffering from vertigo, especially if you have a history of head or neck trauma, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a Sacramento based vertigo chiropractor right away. You can do so by calling 916-655-0569 or by submitting the form on our contact page. We look forward to helping your body reach its full potential through this safe and effective sub specialty of chiropractic care.

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