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A Migraine Epidemic in Fair Oaks, CA

The Stress of Migraines


According to certain estimates, 46% of adults in the world suffer from an active migraine or headache disorder. The unfortunate reality is that those who deal with this stress often times also deal with the stress of finding a health care provider who can diagnose and address that underlying cause of their pain.

Though, what many health care providers don't understand is that the source of this neurological disorder is the brainstem, which is the portion of the brain that extends from the inside of the skull down the neck and to the rest of the body. It's the passageway through which the brain communicates with the body.


Oxygen on Your Brain

When the top two vertebrae in the spine, which is your upper neck vertebrae, are out of alignment by only of a millimeter that can lead to negative effects throughout the body including a lack of oxygen to the brain and a distortion of pathways that control blood flow and neurology. The only way to reverse the effects of a misaligned spine is to allow an upper cervical chiropractor to examine the top two vertebrae in your spine.

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Using specialized instruments and testing, they can determine if there is a misaligned in your upper neck that may be the underlying cause of your migraines. They will then take X-rays for a specific, pain-free adjustment that does not include any twisting, popping, or cracking of your spine. They will only adjust when you need an adjustment until your spine completely aligns itself, so your brain will restore itself and the healing process can begin.

Since many health care professionals don't understand that the underlying cause of migraines is in the brainstem, they often simply prescribe medication to help people find relief. There are those few who will take an extra step and help patients determine if their pain may be triggered by food or an environmental factor.

Unfortunately, while changing your diet is a better option than putting foreign substances into your body, that will inevitably lead to further health complications and it does not address the underlying cause of one's migraines. In fact, it will lead to a person needing to change their lifestyle. No one wants to do that, and that's why it's important to seek the care of an upper cervical specialist.


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