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Accidental Falls Due to Vertigo Attacks Can Lead to One's Demise

accidental falls, vertigo chiropractor in Sacramento

Do vertigo episodes frequently cause you to lose footing while walking around the house? Have you ever tripped because you couldn't keep your eye steady, and the world around you spun at a crazy speed? The next time your balance seems off, try to sit by a corner and wait for your vestibular system to recalibrate itself. Otherwise, you might suffer from a life-threatening injury or, worse, a tragic death, like the case of Ivana Trump.

Last year, ex-Mrs. Trump made headlines after succumbing to her injuries from falling down a flight of stairs in her NYC residence. As per reports, the ex-President's wife suffered from blunt impact injuries to her torso. While it wasn't clear how she fell to her death, the unfortunate event has raised significant awareness of the dangers of accidental falls. It has also become a stark reminder to patients seeking help from a vertigo chiropractor in Sacramento to take their dizzying spells and spinning sensations with much more caution.


Vertigo Can Lead to Falls, Slips, Trips, and Other Accidents

Have your dizzying spells or spinning sensations got so bad that you must cancel previously scheduled events? Have you ever experienced losing your balance during a vertigo episode? You're not alone! Thousands of vertigo sufferers can relate to your situation. 

Accidental falls during a vertigo episode are quite common, and they can be dangerous, especially when you’re moving around or operating heavy machinery. And because vertigo episodes rarely come with a warning sign, they can throw you off entirely or ruin your routine.

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How to Cope from Vertigo Episodes to Prevent Accidental Flaws 

Diagnose your vertigo-causing condition 

Several conditions cause spinning sensations. These include benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis, and acoustic neuroma. 

Know your vertigo triggers

Vertigo attacks often begin after exposure to triggers like sudden head movements or severe infection in the inner ears. So, keep track of your vertigo triggers and try to avoid or manage them. 

Boost your muscle strength and improve your balance

It's easier to suffer from dangerous falls if you have weak muscles and poor body coordination. Hence, integrate activities that hone both aspects of your physical fitness. Some of the things you can include in your routine are:

  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Standing march
  • 1-leg stand
  • Heel-to-toe walking or running
  • Resistance training (squats, lunges, and leg curls)

Review your medications 

Are you currently under prescription? If yes, and you often notice vertigo episodes, we strongly suggest asking your physician for help. Talk about the balance or hearing problems you experience so you can switch to a new medication option or adjust your current dosage. 

Make a few adjustments at home

Spinning sensations can happen without warning. They can also suddenly occur even in the comforts of your own home. Hence, you might find making a few accommodations at your place helpful in avoiding accidents and severe vertigo attacks. 

  • Remove rugs that might cause you to trip or slip
  • Make sure to adjust the lighting in your home so you can easily see potential hazards
  • Consider adding grab bars, especially in slippery places in your home
  • Check for flooring issues like unevenly installed vinyl tiles to minimize risks of injuries
  • If you have kids, keep tiny toys and other items that might cause accidents in storage bins
accidental falls, vertigo chiropractor in Sacramento

Work with a trusted vertigo chiropractor in Sacramento

Did you previously hurt your head or neck? Have you suffered mild to severe blows to your head and cervical spine? Have you experienced falling off a swing or a spring rider at a local playground? Did you get into an accident that jerked your neck forward and backward? 

Studies note that no matter how far long gone neck or head injuries are, they can still cause problems in the future. That's because even the slightest pressure on the neck can cause significant tears to the connective tissues holding your atlas and axis bones in place. 

And, when this happens, you will likely develop neck bone misalignments that interfere with normal body functions like maintaining your balance or sensing movements around you. As a result, you might develop conditions that cause chronic vertigo episodes. 

The worst part is that other symptoms or health problems might develop because of an atlas bone adjustment. So, we suggest working with a board-licensed Upper Cervical Chiropractor like Dr. Brett Gottlieb. Find out if you have cervical subluxation during your first consultation.

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