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How to Relieve Back Pain After a Fall in Sacramento CA

You tripped on a loose paving stone on the Capitol Mall, slipped on a wet floor at the grocery store, or maybe even took a spill while hiking in Auburn State Recreation Area. It seemed minor then, but now your back is throbbing with a vengeance. Whether it's a dull ache that won't quit or […]
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Feeling Dizzy After Workouts? This Could Be Why

Do you ever find yourself feeling dizzy after hitting the gym? Have you experienced that sudden, off-kilter spinning sensation during your morning jog around McKinley Park? If the ground beneath your feet feels shifting with every step after a fulfilling workout, you might be experiencing vertigo. It's frustrating and disorienting and could leave you worried. […]
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Top Sciatic Pain Triggers in Sacramento Exposed

Tired of that persistent, shooting pain down your leg? Wondering what's behind those agonizing bouts of sciatic discomfort? If you're in Sacramento, you're not alone. Long hours at a desk, traffic-laden commutes, and everyday stressors can all contribute to this frustrating condition. Picture this: you're navigating Sacramento's bustling streets, feeling the twinge of sciatic pain […]
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Beyond the Injury: Understanding Post-Traumatic Meniere's

Have you ever contemplated the enduring impact of a traumatic injury like a whiplash or concussion? Notably, many people are concerned that their previous injuries will come back to haunt them in the future, even if they have recovered from the apparent or physical symptoms. So, can this really happen? If yes, what can you […]
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Chiropractor in Sacramento Shares Sleeping Tips for Vertigo Patients

Did you know that sleep deprivation is one of the contributing factors to vertigo attacks? Lessen the chances of vertigo by following these simple sleeping tips! If you’re looking for more ways to find relief, our trusted Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Sacramento recommends a certain natural and drug-free relief option. Here at Upper Cervical Chiropractic […]
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Delayed Low Back Pain After a Car Injury: Is It Possible?

Have you ever experienced a car accident and thought you were lucky to walk away without a scratch, only to wake up days or weeks later with excruciating low back pain? Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps your pain is a delayed reaction and is related to the accident? Are you struggling to […]
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Sacramento Chiropractor Shares 7 Exercises Sciatica Patients Should Avoid

While exercises are meant to keep you active and fit, not all of them are good for you — especially if you suffer from sciatica! Check out which exercises you should avoid or take out of your routine to ensure that it doesn't worsen your condition. On another note, our trusted Sacramento Chiropractor recommends a […]
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Accidental Falls Due to Vertigo Attacks Can Lead to One's Demise

Do vertigo episodes frequently cause you to lose footing while walking around the house? Have you ever tripped because you couldn't keep your eye steady, and the world around you spun at a crazy speed? The next time your balance seems off, try to sit by a corner and wait for your vestibular system to […]
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Chiropractor in Sacramento Explains Best Fruits for Vertigo Relief

Nutrient deficiency is one of the factors that could be contributing to your vertigo. The best way to nourish your body is by consuming fruits and vegetables. Check out what fruits give you the proper nutrients to help with vertigo. There is also another form of natural relief that our chiropractor in Sacramento highly recommends. […]
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Finding a Better Mattress and Other Secret Sciatica Relief Tips

The lumbar spine is a vital section of the spine because it supports the upper body's weight and connects to an enormous nerve bundle in the human body: the sciatic nerve. Sadly, not many make an effort to check their lumbar spine region until they notice excruciating pain that starts on their hips and extends […]
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