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Can Colic in Infants Be an Early Form of Migraines?

Table of Contents ToggleColic in InfantsThe Huffington Post reported:The Same Underlying Condition Colic in Infants On April 16, 2013, Several major news sources, including USA Today, Reuters, the Huffington Post, WebMD and CBS news reported on new research coming out of France published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that links having colic […]
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Medicating your Migraines may Cause your Migraines

Table of Contents ToggleCaffeine and Your MigrainesPrescription Caffeinated Headache Medications Caffeine and Your Migraines Do you suffer from Migraines-headaches? Did you know migraines are sometime caused by chemicals and preservatives within some foods and beverages. One of those chemicals is caffeine, which everyone knows is found in chocolate and can be found in coffee. Though, […]
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Natural Vertigo Relief

When you are not moving, but it feels like everything else around you is moving, you might be experiencing a temporary sensation called vertigo. When you were a kid, if you ever spun around, in order to get dizzy, that was self-induced vertigo. Table of Contents ToggleWhat causes Vertigo?To Vertigo Sufferers What causes Vertigo? Well, […]
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Causes of Neck Pain and Migraines in Sacramento

Table of Contents ToggleSevere Migraines and Neck PainMigraine Medication ManagementNatural Migraine Alternative Severe Migraines and Neck Pain Neck pain can be an early sign of a migraine or may show up after the episode, leaving sufferer's with a throbbing pain at the back of the neck. According to an online survey generated by the National […]
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Whiplash Leads to Migraines in Fair Oaks CA

Table of Contents ToggleOld Whiplash InjuriesCranio-Cervical SyndromeWhat to Do Next Old Whiplash Injuries A group of distinguished experts met in New York City on April 6, 2013 to discuss the impact of a newly identified medical syndrome known as Cranio-Cervical Syndrome (CCS). The conference is expected to become an annual event to address the pandemic […]
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Natural Migraine Relief in Sacramento, California

Migraines are a condition that affects many people across the world not only in Sacramento, CA. An estimated 46% of adults have an active migraine or headache disorder globally. Migraines are something that pose a challenge for those who suffer from them and also health care providers seeking to help. Table of Contents ToggleThe Underlying […]
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A Migraine Epidemic in Fair Oaks, CA

Table of Contents ToggleThe Stress of Migraines Oxygen on Your Brain The Stress of Migraines According to certain estimates, 46% of adults in the world suffer from an active migraine or headache disorder. The unfortunate reality is that those who deal with this stress often times also deal with the stress of finding a health care […]
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Proper Brain Function May Hold the Key to Migraines in Fair Oaks CA

Migraines are a condition that many people suffer from not only in Fair Oaks and Sacramento, but across the globe. The World Health Organization has Migraines and Headache as the seventh most common cause of disability in the world. Anyone with migraines knows how light and sound can become painful, with bouts of nausea that […]
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Getting a Grip on Migraines in Fair Oaks CA

Migraines are a harsh reality for many Americans. Migraines effect an estimated 10% of people globally and are ranked as one of the top 20 of the worlds debilitating illnesses. In USA it is estimated that 1 in 4 per household suffers from head pain which is an estimated 36 million Americans. Migraines have a […]
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Super Bowls, Jim McMahon, and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Battling back from Concussions? Throughout his professional football career, Jim McMahon played for seven teams and won two Super Bowls. Every day of every season, he put on his uniform, went out onto the field, and performed at a level few people could ever reach.
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