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Taking the Pain Out Of Migraines in Sacramento CA

Migraines are a painful topic to discuss and even worse to experience. Migraines typically come with a throbbing pain in the head, visual disturbances, sensitivity to light and sound, and even nausea. As many as 36 million Americans suffer from some sort of migraine headache each year. 3 million Americans have the displeasure of chronic […]
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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Upper Cervical

When you suffer from a concussion, which can be caused by a bump, strike, fall, or jolt to the head, there is always the possibility that you could develop post-concussion syndrome. The danger is that an injury that causes a concussion may not happen to the head at all, but it may rather occur as […]
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Headaches the Most Common Pain with an Uncommon Solution

Headaches are a condition that affects millions of people across the San Diego area and the entire world. Estimates in America say that out of 100 people 12 have migraines.1 There are many different kinds of headaches and migraines each with many possible causes. Due to the large number of people that suffer from headaches […]
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Non-Medical Relief from Migraines in Sacramento California

If you suffer from migraines and you want relief you don't need drugs or surgery. If you have a history of neck or head traumas due to accidents or injuries those past injuries may be the cause of your pain.
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What is a Complex Migraine?

Complex Migraine? If you have ever experienced a migraine then you know how painful they can be. Well now we just throw the word complex in front of it and suddenly the condition is even more terrifying. The fact is that these migraines are actually scarier to experience or witness than the name can even […]
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Taking the Kinks out of Migraine Pain

Migraines headaches have a debilitating effect on many people globally. According to The Migraine Research Institute 14 million people have headaches on a daily basis. This accounts for as much as 18% of women and 6% of men in America.1
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Migraine Treatment: Patch Work Doesn't Solve the Problem

Migraines have a devastating affect on those who suffer from their effects. Worldwide as much as 46% of the population has an active headache issue, and an estimated 10% of the American population suffers with this condition.1,2. Migraines are nearly twice as common among women than they are men. Headaches are the most common neurological […]
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The Holistic Approach to Overcoming Migraines

Holistically Overcoming Migraines? While there continue to be various medical advancements, there are still some things the medical community just can't figure out. This, of course, limits their ability to address varying condition that arise.
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What's in Headaches in Sacramento, Ca

Table of Contents ToggleThose Sudden Headache AttacksHealing from Headaches Those Sudden Headache Attacks If are suddenly suffering from more headaches than usual, you may be suffering from secondary headache. Those types of headaches are the result of various injuries or diseases, and headache medication is not effective in fighting against them.
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