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Traditional Treatment Methods for Meniere's Disease

If you suffer from Meniere's disease, you know well the symptoms that accompany this rare condition vertigo, tinnitus, a full feeling in the affected ear, and temporary hearing loss. It often requires an ear, nose, and throat specialist to get an official diagnosis. Once Meniere's disease is diagnosed, there are numerous recommended treatments to care […]
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Migraines Without the Headache - Diagnosis and Care

Migraines that do not present with a headache, sometimes called silent migraines, are often misdiagnosed. For example, up to 40% of migraines present with vertigo. However, vertigo may be a sign of a migraine even if there is no headache present, which is why it's vital to consult the right people, like a migraine chiropractor […]
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3 Things About Vertigo That May Surprise You

Vertigo is one of the most common health ailments, and it is a form of dizziness that makes everything seem like it is spinning. Let's address 3 questions about vertigo. The answers may surprise you. Table of Contents Which Is More Important to Balance: The Ear or the Big Toe?How Old Does a Person Have […]
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Escaping the Cycle of Rebound Headaches

Rebound headaches are becoming ever more common in the pharmaceutical era. The fact is that just about every condition today is treated with some kind of medication. Many of these over-the-counter or prescription drugs do nothing more than cover over the symptoms of a condition. As a result, they need to be taken again and […]
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Dizziness- How to Know When It's Serious?

The fact is that just about everyone experiences dizziness at one time or another. When were kids, we do it on purpose, spinning in a circle or getting on the merry-go-round and having someone else spin us. As a grown up, however, dizziness can be concerning. How can you tell an isolated incident from something […]
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Headaches Are One of the Most Common Ailments for Children

Headaches are becoming common place for children. According to one children's hospital, headaches affect over 40% of children under 7, and 75% of kids have their first headache by age 15. While migraines are far less common in children (only about 3%) a common headache is experienced by almost everyone. Why is this the case? […]
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Migraine Triggers Knowing Yours May Be a Key to Finding Relief

Migraines are experienced by approximately 16 percent of American adults. Women are three times as likely to suffer from this debilitating condition. Triggers vary from person to person, but some are definitely more common than others. At least, that was what a study showed that was recently published. The study was conducted using 326 migraine […]
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3 Things You Never Knew About Vertigo

Vertigo is a very common health condition that involves the sensation of things being in movement around the body when no motion is taking place. A classic example is the feeling that the room is spinning around a person who is standing still, sitting, or even lying down. Here are a few things you may […]
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Migraine Treatments: Antibody May Not Be for Everybody

If only it were really that simple to build up an immunity to migraine pain. Migraines are all too real for the estimated 12% of the American population that is struggling with the health condition, which is even being called a disease now. Migraines are a complex issue with many contributing factors. There is much […]
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What May Be at the Base of Dizzy Spells

When dizziness or vertigo hits, it can cause a person anxiety. One minute he is fine and the next he is feeling lightheaded or as if he may lose his balance and fall. It is a very common reason why people seek out medical care. What are some common reasons for dizzy spells? A sudden […]
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