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The Four Stages of Migraines in Sacramento, California

If migraine headaches were a form of entertainment, they'd be a really bad broadway musical. You know the kind you read poor reviews about, cringe during the musical performances, and can't seem to get the songs out of your head. Migraine Headaches don't always but sometimes happen in phases. Those phases can start up to […]
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Natural Relief from Migraine Headaches and High Blood Pressure

Table of Contents How Are Migraines Related to High Blood Pressure?The Upper Cervical ApproachMore Research Linking the Upper Neck to Blood Pressure How Are Migraines Related to High Blood Pressure? A recent article in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research documented the positive effects of specific, upper cervical chiropractic adjustments on a 25- year-old […]
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Migraines and Depression Cause Brain Changes

CBS news is reporting on a new study finds that people with migraines who also are depressed have smaller brains. "Our study suggests that people with both migraine and depression may represent a unique group from those with only one of these conditions," study author Dr. Larus S. Gudmundsson, a researcher at the National Institute […]
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Migraines, Seizures, and Walking Problems

Table of Contents Migraines and SeizuresA Thorough Upper Neck Evaluation Migraines and Seizures When the upper neck is misaligned it affects the way the brain is working. These brain changes can mimic a variety of different conditions. Recently the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research had a very interesting case study that discussed the impact […]
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Causes of Migraines With Aura

Table of Contents Migraines with AuraTreatment for Migraines with Aura Migraines with Aura One of the symptoms that is less commonly seen in migraine sufferers is aura. This set of symptoms generally occurs before the onset of the migraine. It includes things like temporary vision impairment, flashes of light, and tingling feelings in the hands […]
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Can Colic in Infants Be an Early Form of Migraines?

Table of Contents Colic in InfantsThe Huffington Post reported:The Same Underlying Condition Colic in Infants On April 16, 2013, Several major news sources, including USA Today, Reuters, the Huffington Post, WebMD and CBS news reported on new research coming out of France published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that links having colic […]
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Medicating your Migraines may Cause your Migraines

Table of Contents Caffeine and Your MigrainesPrescription Caffeinated Headache Medications Caffeine and Your Migraines Do you suffer from Migraines-headaches? Did you know migraines are sometime caused by chemicals and preservatives within some foods and beverages. One of those chemicals is caffeine, which everyone knows is found in chocolate and can be found in coffee. Though, […]
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Natural Vertigo Relief

When you are not moving, but it feels like everything else around you is moving, you might be experiencing a temporary sensation called vertigo. When you were a kid, if you ever spun around, in order to get dizzy, that was self-induced vertigo. Table of Contents What causes Vertigo?To Vertigo Sufferers What causes Vertigo? Well, […]
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Causes of Neck Pain and Migraines in Sacramento

Table of Contents Severe Migraines and Neck PainMigraine Medication ManagementNatural Migraine Alternative Severe Migraines and Neck Pain Neck pain can be an early sign of a migraine or may show up after the episode, leaving sufferer's with a throbbing pain at the back of the neck. According to an online survey generated by the National […]
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Whiplash Leads to Migraines in Fair Oaks CA

Table of Contents Old Whiplash InjuriesCranio-Cervical SyndromeWhat to Do Next Old Whiplash Injuries A group of distinguished experts met in New York City on April 6, 2013 to discuss the impact of a newly identified medical syndrome known as Cranio-Cervical Syndrome (CCS). The conference is expected to become an annual event to address the pandemic […]
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