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The Connection Between Whiplash-Type Injuries and Migraines

When a Person Suffers Connective Tissue Damage

Whiplash, Neck Trauma, Neck Injury, Migraines, Headaches

Do you think your migraines are connected to a recent injury, or perhaps one in your past? You are probably right, especially if the accident or injury resulted in whiplash.

Whiplash is usually treated with pain medication, but that doesn't fix the underlying damage to connective tissue or the degeneration that occurs as a result. Consider the importance of connective tissue.

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What Connective Tissue Does

  • Organ Protection
  • Energy Storage
  • Provides Defense Reactions
  • Supports the Body especially the spine
  • Supplies Hormones
  • Supports the Epithelium

How Your Spine Is Affected

Supporting the spine is one of the most important functions of connective tissue. When that tissue is damaged (by whiplash, for example), the spine can start to degenerate. This causes particular issues when a misalignment occurs in the top two vertebrae. Just millimeter of misalignment can result in decreased flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to the brainstem. Migraines can occur as a result.

How can you restore proper nervous and vascular system function? An upper cervical chiropractor, like Dr. Brett Gottlieb from Fair Oaks, California, can examine your C1 and C2 vertebrae to determine if a misalignment exists and its extent. Then a personalized adjustment schedule can be set up to restore proper alignment. Once the C1 and C2 are back in place, you body can take it from there.

Many find that their migraines improve with just a few adjustments and that complete resolution of migraines is the ultimate result. You probably agree that this is a much better prognosis than simply treating migraines with pain medication as they occur.

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