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What Is a Herniated Disc and What Can You Do About It?

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How can a person know if they are experiencing pain from a herniated disc? You might have one and not even be aware of it. However, they may also cause you intense pain. One of the symptoms is feeling a tingling sensation as if your arm or leg is asleep. You may also experience weakness in the muscles that are affected by the herniation. It may cause you to be unable to lift something or even to stumble while walking. Another symptom to look for is pain in your arm or leg. Whether if affects your arm or your leg largely depends on where the damaged disc is located.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

The discs located in your vertebrae are protected by a gel-like substance that keeps the bones from grinding together. When a herniation occurs, some of this gel leaks out of place. It then causes irritation to the surrounding nerves and muscles. This makes it easier for the disks to then shift. Sometimes this is referred to as a slipped disk. If this area then becomes inflamed, it can cause severe pain.

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What Can Be Done?

At this point, it is important to relieve the pressure being put on the nerves and muscles from the herniated disk. This is done by getting the spine back into its proper position. If your weight is just slightly unbalanced, it will lead to more pain from the herniated disc. It is highly recommended that you seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor.

Dr. Brett Gottlieb of Fair Oaks, California is an upper cervical chiropractor who has been trained to detect misalignments in the spine. He will specifically focus on the bones in the upper part of the neck. If a misalignment is found here, it can lead to all kinds of problems throughout the body. It can be a cause of improper posture, uneven weight distribution, and extreme pain from a herniated disk.

Once Dr. Gottlieb finds the misalignment, he can then work with you to correct it through gentle, precise adjustments. You should begin to feel some relief after your first visit. Why not contact him for an appointment as soon as possible?

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