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What You should Know about Headaches in Fair Oaks, California


If you didn't know there are different types of headaches, there are different types of headaches. We're not just talking about migraines; although, that is certainly one type. There are, in fact, numerous types of headaches, of which the more common types we will talk about in this blog.

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Types of Headaches

Tension - This causes a constant pressure around your head and is the most common type

Cluster - No one is sure what causes these headaches, but they may be genetic. The only occur on one side of the head, and men are more susceptible to them than women.

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Sinus - When your sinuses become inflamed, it may feel it as pain in your head. They're usually due to sinus infections and are often accompanied by a fever.

Rebound - Ironically, using headache medication can cause these, which means the way to avoid this type is to not take headache medicine. The reason for this is that many of these medications have caffeine in them, so people who have a low tolerance to caffeine are more susceptible to these.

Migraine Headaches - While migraines most often manifest themselves as pain in one's head, they do not always manifest themselves as such. They can last anywhere from four to 72 hours; and other symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light, vertigo, and more may precede, accompany, or follow the headache.

Headache Relief

The most common reaction to headaches is to take prescription or over-the-counter medications. This will at best give you temporary relief. A common cause of headaches is a misalignment of the upper neck due to past injuries. If you have ever suffered a head or neck injury from a car accident, sports injury, fall etc. is likely that you have suffered a misalignment of the upper neck. When this misalignment occurs it will change the flow of blood, cerebral spinal fluid and nerve innervation that can lead to a variety of different types of headaches.

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