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Lessen the Impact of Meniere's Disease

In Sacramento CA upper cervical chiropractic doctors are looking for ways to lessen Meniere's disease's impact on their patients. Its symptoms can be overwhelming, so it is vital to find ways to manage this ailment.


What is the connection with the inner ears?

The vestibulocochlear organs that influence our sense of hearing and balance are in the inner ears. Also known as the labyrinth, the inner ears house a complex maze of bony and membranous structures filled with fluids. No matter how slight it might be, a person's movement causes fluid displacement, which sends signals that help orient our position.

When the fluids are not released or absorbed correctly, they can build up and cause additional pressure on their surroundings. When trauma or an illness affects the bony and membrane structures, it can affect the balance signals. These two instances can lead to Meniere's disease, which is an inner ear disorder.


What are the signs?

Here are the principal signals of this condition:

  • Vertigo

The mounting pressure can alter the balance signals that are processed by the brain. When this happens, two things occur – the person feels out of balance and will likely experience headaches while trying to make sense of what is happening. When combined, you now have vertigo. Vertigo is a product of conditions like Meniere's disease. Many people find it challenging to manage vertigo because of its two-pronged attack: the feeling of pain in the head and loss of balance. 

  • Inner ear pressure

Once you start to feel an increasing amount of pressure build-up in your inner ear, you likely have Meniere's disease. You might even catch yourself tipping your head sideways, which is the same action you do when water gets in while swimming. Unfortunately, it will not bring about the same results.

  • Tinnitus

Another indicator of Meniere's disease is tinnitus. Tinnitus makes a person think he hears sounds like ringing, buzzing, snapping, or even breaking. There are no real sounds with tinnitus, just like there is no actual loss of balance in vertigo.

  • Hearing loss

Meniere's disease can lead to hearing loss when not managed immediately. Jonathan Swift, the well-known author of Gulliver's Travels, had an undiagnosed case of Meniere's disease, which likely led to deafness during his adult life. Jesse James, a famous musician, thinks Meniere's disease triggered her hearing loss.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

What are the triggers?

Taking a cue from Sacramento CA upper cervical chiropractic practitioners, knowing what can set off Meniere's disease and avoiding the triggers can probably lessen the risks of a diagnosis.

  • Stress and anxiety

Regardless of external or internal factors that cause stress and anxiety, it might be advantageous if you start managing it. Being stressed puts you on edge, which increases the tension. Being wound up builds internal pressure. This pressure can reach the inner ears.

  • Bacterial or viral infection

Any form of infection causes inflammation, which leads to swelling that applies additional pressure to everything in the immediate vicinity.

  • Vices

The top two vices, smoking, and drinking, may cause bones to become brittle. They can also lead to dehydration. Do remember that the labyrinth has bony structures wrapped in fluids. With the inner ears' proximity to the mouth and nose, which a smoker uses, it might be possible that smoking can signal the onset of Meniere's disease. We all know that someone who has had too much to drink finds it challenging to walk straight. It follows that too much alcohol consumption can also lead to Meniere's disease. 

  • Head and neck injury

The structure in the inner ears is exceptionally delicate. Any force applied to the upper parts of our body may alter the bony and membranous structures. Unexpected blows can also cause too much fluid movement, triggering numerous signals that may lead to mix-ups.

  • Inadequate rest

Getting not enough rest due to being overworked or having insomnia is not acceptable by itself. It can lead to fatigue or the feeling of being run down, which can trigger a host of ailments. Insufficient sleep also inhibits our body from completing its repair work. What may have been a minor issue in your inner ears can blow up to Meniere's disease.


What can you do?

According to Sacramento CA upper cervical chiropractic practitioners, these might help:

  • Get enough sleep.

Sleep is not just an item on our to-do list that we can bump off. It is a critical thing that should happen daily. The body does its best to repair itself when given a chance. Lend your body a hand by getting adequate rest.

  • Live healthily.

Eat well, and keep yourself hydrated. Think of nutritious food and enough water as your body's fuel. Start weaning yourself from your vices as well. Some people can let go immediately. If you are not sure, take small steps that will have lasting effects.

  • Avoid contact sports.

Not figuring in any accidents is ideal, but try shifting to lesser-contact sports if this is not possible. High impact contact sports expose you to possible head and neck trauma. A slight jostle can even affect your inner ears, so imagine what it is like if you get punched like a boxer or get tackled like a football player.

  • Manage stress.

Stress is good when it does not take over you. Try to keep your stress levels low by staying fit or through activities like yoga. Once you know how to accomplish this, you can remain calm even if thrust into a stressful situation.


Sacramento CA Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Meniere's Disease

If you live in Sacramento, California, you can see an upper cervical chiropractor for a full evaluation. A chiropractor can assess the bones in your neck and find out there is any misalignment. Injuries may dislodge bones and lessen the gaps between them. When this happens, pressure can build up in the head, including the inner ears. Narrower pathways can also affect the transmission of signals to the brain.

Here at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Sacramento, Dr. Gottlieb can determine if your neck is aligned correctly or not. If it is misaligned, this might be causing your Meniere's disease. Dr. Gottlieb's upper cervical chiropractic approach may ease Meniere's disease's effects using gentle techniques to realign the body.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Gottlieb here. During your session, you can learn what you are doing correctly and what you can do better to manage Meniere's disease.


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