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Looking to the Neck to Solve Low Back Pain in Fair Oaks

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Pain in the low back is so common that many people just chalk it up to their job, their mattress, or just a part of growing older. In fact, 90% of the times that people seek medical advice for their back pain, the cause isn't able to be ascertained and is labeled as common nonspecific back pain. Traditional treatment options range from ice packs to over-the-counter painkillers on the conservative side, to more invasive treatments such as cortisone injections and surgical intervention. Because bones, muscles, ligaments, and other supporting structures connect the entire spine, in some instances, the solution to lower back pain may actually lie a bit farther up the chain.

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How low back pain related to the neck?

The bones of the spine, your vertebra, are designed to protect your spinal cord. The spinal cord is the highway on which messages between the body and the brain travel. Nerves branch off the spinal cord to provide information to all the components of your body. When the top bone in your spine, the atlas, is misaligned, it creates tension throughout the entire spine from top to bottom. While it may seem strange to think about, the pain you experience in your low back may be a result of a misalignment in your neck. This is because of the compensations that happen to correct for the misalignment of the head and neck the shoulders and hips will compensate leading to postural distortions and muscle imbalances.

To correct the compensations that lead to nagging low back pain, Dr. Brett Gottlieb gently works to realign the atlas vertebra. When normal upper cervical alignment is restored, this brings ease to rest of the spine. Tension on the spinal cord is released, posture can return to normal, and balance returns to the muscles. A gentle adjustment to the neck is sometimes all it takes to clear up stubborn low back pain.



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