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Migraines and Fibromyalgia: Bridging the Gap

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Anyone who has had a migraine knows who they can wreck havoc at any time and they are never convenient or pleasant. Anyone with Fibromyalgia can tell you how draining the constant aches and pains are on daily living. There is new research showing that the two may be connected.

Migraines have more in common than just the pain and distress they can cause to life. Both conditions are 2-3 times more prevalent in women and involve a combination of dysfunction in the brain and nervous system. Each condition is challenging to diagnose and treat in its own right and more complicated in tandem.

New research is showing one commonality that may open a door to a new breakthrough. Both conditions are known to be associated with systemic or localized inflammation which triggers an abnormal response from the brain and nervous system. The brain is responsible for interpreting pain from everywhere in the body. This information is relayed via the nervous system. With this new information, healthcare providers are starting to recommend natural alternatives such as exercise compared to the standard course of prescription drugs. While the confirmation is new, this theory has been tested before with success in migraine patients.

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Natural Relief for Migraines in Fair Oaks, CA

As a migraine specialist, I have always recommended a natural treatment method for migraine relief. As an upper cervical chiropractor, I have always known the importance of keeping the brain and nervous system functioning properly to help migraine patients get better. By looking at the first bone in the neck known as the atlas, it is possible to assess if there is a problem in the brain and nervous system. If the atlas bone is not in its normal position, it stresses the ability of the brain and nervous system to function properly, often resulting in migraines.

We use an extensive process to evaluate each patient to the exact degree of their misalignment and tailor the perfect adjustment to correct the specific problem. Clinical studies have shown in 100 migraine patients that migraine relief has been achieved in as little as one adjustment and some even experienced complete resolution.3


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