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Natural Migraine Relief in Sacramento, California


Migraines are a condition that affects many people across the world not only in Sacramento, CA. An estimated 46% of adults have an active migraine or headache disorder globally. Migraines are something that pose a challenge for those who suffer from them and also health care providers seeking to help.

The Underlying Cause of Migraines:

The cause of head pain is still relatively unclear as they serve no protective purpose to the body. Migraines are typically viewed by the medical community as a vascular problem due to the nature of the throbbing sensation. Experts now refer the etiology as Neurovascular due to the classic symptoms of; sensitivity of light and sound, reactions to head movement, and nausea. The following facts have recently been related to migraines:

  • Inadequate oxygen to the brain is linked to head pain.
  • When certain neurology and blood flow regions in the brain there can are negative effects.
  • The instability in the upper neck (upper cervical spine) consisting of C1 (Atlas) and C2 (Axis) vertebra predisposes the brainstem to the possibility of injury.
  • Neurology and blood flow in the brain can be negatively affected if the C1/C2 vertebra becomes misaligned.

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What can be done?

The traditional treatments for head pain typically include restriction from activities and pharmacological intervention. In Sacramento, migraine specialist Dr. Brett Gottlieb, uses a specialized chiropractic technique to help those suffering with head pain.

Migraine relief has been documented as a result of upper cervical chiropractic. This specialized approach involves a detailed exam to determine the exact cause of head pain in the upper neck usually at the Atlas or Axis vertebra. Precise x-rays are taken to determine the exact misalignment (subluxation) and cater the perfect adjustment. An adjustment is seldom given and only when indicated and needed. Once the misalignment or subluxation has been corrected the neurology and blood flow allow the brain to function normally. Once this is restored, head pain resolve naturally as part of the normal healing process. This process has shown an upwards of 85% effectiveness in clinical studies with people suffering from head pain.

What to Do Next

In order to address this syndrome the patient must be evaluated thoroughly in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). If an upper neck misalignment is found, the misalignment can be corrected with Upper Cervical, a specialized procedure that is safe, gentle and extremely effective.


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