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Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Treatment

Dealing with chronic pain can be exhausting. Peripheral neuropathy is a chronic, excruciating disease that more than 20 million Americans deal with daily. The most common treatment method your doctor will recommend are prescription drugs such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin which are primarily anti-seizure drugs. These drugs may cause you to have mood changes, fatigue, nausea, and a variety of other harmful side effects. At our office, we take an innovative approach to treating chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy with the FDA-approved SANEXAS Electrical Cell Signaling Therapy (EcST).

How is Electric Cell Signaling different than TENS Therapy?

A TENS unit uses electrical impulses to overload your nerves. This means they are not able to send as many pain signals to the brain, so you don’t hurt. Neuropathy is a multi-faceted and complex condition requiring a comprehensive and varied parameter EcST approach. Traditional electrotherapy devices like TENS are simplistic; they are limited electronically and do not effectively deliver the various required mechanisms of action necessary for nerve regeneration and long-term treatment success.

How does Electric Cell Signaling Therapy work to help repair the damaged nerves caused by Neuropathy?

EcST is capable of continuously varying and delivering electronically generated signal frequencies applied at specific incremental steps which are mathematically calculated to produce harmonic resonance and vibratory effects on the nerve cells. This helps damaged nerves heal by producing analgesia, increased circulatory and lymphatic flow, edema reduction, increased metabolism, tissue regeneration, muscle stimulation, immune support, and anti-inflammatory action.

What Conditions Does Electric Cell Signaling Therapy Treat?

Non-invasive EcST treatments can be used to treat a variety of neuropathy-related issues including:
Chronic pain
Restless leg syndrome
Circulatory problems
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Joint pain
Tingling/prickling/burning sensations
Diabetic nerve pain

In addition to reducing pain, EcST has also been shown to improve cell-to-cell communication, actively repairing and regenerating nerve fibers at the cellular level.

After several treatments of EcST, patients report positive results including:

Better sleep—whether it’s hard to fall asleep or pain that wakes you up, neuropathy can make regenerative sleep difficult to achieve. Many patients have reported better sleep after as little as one treatment with EcST.
Increased mobility—neuropathy can significantly limit a patient’s ability to walk or perform simple tasks with their arms or hands. EcST has been shown to increase relaxation and blood flow while decreasing problem-causing inflammation.
Pain relief—while mobility issues don’t affect every patient who suffers from neuropathy, pain or discomfort is almost universal. Fortunately, EcST has been shown to reduce pain while healing damaged nerve fibers.
Improved quality of life—EcST has helped reunify patients with their favorite activities by improving mobility and decreasing pain. Mental well-being is improved and relationships can thrive when persistent pain is no longer governing a patient’s life.
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