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Relief of Retinal Migraines in Fair Oaks California

Understanding Retinal Migraines

retinal_migraines in Fair Oaks California

Okay, so you've been suffering from migraines lately, but what's worse is they're accompanied by problems with your vision. You are probably suffering from retinal migraines, which is a retinal disease caused by an infarct or vascular spasm that effects the inside of or the area behind the eye.

So, what causes Retinal Migraines also called Ocular Migraines? They are caused when the blood vessels suddenly tighten up or are otherwise constricted, thus reducing blood flow to the eye. Most of the time vision loss will last less than five minutes, and it is quite rare for a retina and its blood vessel to become damaged and lead to permanent loss of eye sight.

Though, while it is important to understand what a retinal migraine is, it is also important to understand what it is not. It is possible to confuse this condition with cortical spreading depression or scintillating scotoma, which are also associated with migraine headaches, but affect both eyes. It is also important to be aware of its symptoms.

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Symptoms of Retinal Migraines

  • One eye - It only effects one eye and it lasts for less than an hour.
  • Side Effects - It may or may not be accompanied by a migraine and sensitivity to light or nausea is possible.
  • Triggers - Stress, sleep deprivation, skipped meals, food sensitivity, or certain activities.
  • Visual Disturbances -Blurriness, blank spots in your vision, dimming, flashing lights, or even dark spots
  • Headache - A migraine can occur during, or sometimes up to an hour after, the visual disturbance. It usually lasts anywhere from four to 72 hours and is marked by a pulsating sensation on the same side of the head where the visual disturbance occurs.
  • Recurring - Retinal Migraines happen more than once, and lead to poor or loss of eyesight

Seeing Past Your Retinal Migraines

So, now that you have a better idea as to whether you suffer from retinal migraines or not you can take steps to reduce or eliminate their affect or frequency. No medication in the world will resolve the underlying issue, as the purpose of medication is not to heal you but to cover your symptoms. So, what can you do? Well, you can seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor who will address a common underlying cause of retinal migraines by correcting misalignments of your upper neck vertebrae.

Old head and neck injuries can lead to disruption of the normal alignment in the upper neck and changes in the blood, cerebral spinal fluid and nerve flow to, from and through the brain. These changes have been frequently associated with migraines including retinal migraines. If you have a history of car accidents, falls, sports injuries or other head or neck traumas is important that you get your craniocervical junction the area and neck meet thoroughly evaluated by an upper cervical specialist.

Relief of Retinal Migraines in Fair Oaks California

As you can see, a migraine is a very complex condition that should be handled by a migraine specialist who will be able to help diagnose the problem correctly and recommend the proper approach for you. To find an upper cervical specialist in your area go to www.upcspine.com.

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