4401 Hazel Ave. Suite 100, Fair Oaks CA 95628

Dr. Gottlieb is a highly skilled professional chiropractor! The work he does changes lives including my own life. I came to him with a number of issues (i.e., upper cervical issues, TMJ, and tinnitus) which he treated with not only skill but patience. They have x-ray machines on site which I have learned not all chiropractors have them and I received my first treatment/adjustment on the first day. I was under his care for roughly three months and my issues have significantly reduced. My condition has been with me for along time, so it does take time to heal. I only left because I moved out of state. I learned what a great doctor he is when I sought care in my new state and had two terrible experiences with price gauging chiropractors. Note that he is not a bone-cracking chiropractor and has the latest equipment and tools to align his patients which isn't the case everywhere. Add to this his caring and nurturing staff who make you feel like family. Dr. Gottlieb truly cares about his patients and is a healer by nature. I feel truly grateful for having found him and he literally set my health in the right direction. Thank you and I will miss you.

Sandra G

Best chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr. Gottlieb is truly skilled in his craft and I totally believe he has my health as his best interest every time I receive treatment. His willingness to explain things, show me why I need the treatment, what his treatments are doing, and to research data for my specific needs are unmatched by other chiropractor I have visited over my lifetime.

Evelyn C

First of all, the office procedures and front office staff are first class. Appointments are always kept on time no matter how heavily scheduled Dr. Gottlieb is. Dr. Gottlieb's treatments are specific and applied directly to the areas needing attention without discomfort or threatening, heavy handed pressure techIniques. He is professional, cordial and accepting of feedback from his patients.

Diana C

Thank you Dr. Gottlieb! I am so happy that I found you through an advertisement on Facebook. I am a 70 year old woman with many health problems. I have Meniere's Disease, Fibromyalgia, and severe arthritis. Since moving five years ago, from the east coast to the Sacramento area, my problems have gotten worse. I have been seeing chiropractors since 1990 and know that they are invaluable to maintaining better quality of life. Since seeing Dr. Gottlieb, my vertigo has not been nearly as serious and the frequency of vertigo episodes has been reduced. Dr. Gottlieb has been very understanding of my health problems and he is willing to try new techniques to help me. I can not say enough about how pleased I am. Dr. Gottleib's assistant, Pamela is wonderful. She will schedule what ever appointments I need even at the last minute. When I needed to take some time away, Pamela called to check on me. Thank you for being there for me!

Robin S

I felt much better it and everyone there are very friendly.

Marylou R

Excellent results from the adjustments

Mitchel M

Dr. Gottlieb has helped to reduce my migraine headaches. They are much less frequent with regular treatments. If I am having trouble with headaches and need to come in sooner than my scheduled upcoming appointment, I can usually count on getting in the same day if needed! Thank you, Dr. Gottlieb, for helping to reduce my pain!! I am so grateful!

Tracey B

I was in a place in my life, I was satisfied with the life I had. That is, until My wife met Dr.G. & introduced me. Then, after a couple times going to him, I can walk without pain. I Have lost over 110 lbs. & I am more healthy now than I was in my 40's. I am 65 yrs young today. Thank you Dr. G.

Melvin D

I've gone to dozens of different chiropractors in my life, due to a lower back injury at age 20, and because I've lived in a number of different places. The upper cervical techniques like Dr. Gottlieb uses are the only techniques that have given me long-term relief from my lower back problems, the Gonstead adjustments used by most chiropractors (where they adjust, with popping sounds, the area that hurts) only helped temporarily. After an upper cervical adjustment from Dr. Gottlieb, I can feel my whole back relaxing and "settling into" proper alignment. Dr. Gottlieb is good about working me in on short notice and his office handles all the insurance work, including Medicare, transparently. He keeps up to date on recent developments and techniques. Unlike most Dr. offices, they even have interesting magazines to read in the waiting room, like "Car and Driver", "Motor Trend", and "Rider", instead of just "Good Housekeeping" and "Family Health" -- AND a foot massager! About the only thing I'd change is the computerized checkin procedure, where you have to go through and answer a bunch of questions about your pain level in various parts of your body, but that's a minor annoyance.

Gary R

Great customer service. The treatments were excellent, pain free and effective. I always feel great post treatment.

Veronica G

I have been seeing Dr. Gottlieb for almost 20 years, he saved me, after a terrible assault I had neck and back constant for 13 years, after one week with his treatment I was a new woman. I now see him on an as needed basis, and when my neck hurts, I'm in his office in a flash, and magic, I'm good to go. I live out of the area, and the drive has never bothered me a bit. I have seen many Dr's in. The past, after meeting Dr Gottlieb, that stopped, for my chiropractic needs, he is the ONLY Dr. I have seen or will see. Thank You Dr. Gottlieb. A truly happy patient, Julie Clark

Julie C

Regina is wonderful and works with your schedule. Dr Gottlieb is very knowledgeable about what he does. My migraines have been reduced and not as severe if I do get them. I have sent friends there and they also have been happy with the results including back pain etc. I highly recommend you give this office a

Tamara D

Dr. Gottlieb is a wonderful chiropractor. We found him when we moved to the area and feel so welcomed by him and his staff.

Julie M

Very good. I liked Dr. Gottlieb and his assistant, Regina, very much and if my pain had not gone away on its own, would have gone back to see him again. I felt better after the one laser treatment I had.

Elizabeth C

Dr. Gottlieb took care of my neck issues very precisely and effectively. I would have no problem returning for future assistance when I need help. Thank You! Adrienne

Adrienne M

I've been going to Dr. Gottlieb for 4 years. I have a plate in my upper neck and was having terrible pain and not much movement. Dr. Gottlieb took the time on the very first visit to determine exactly my problem. He explained getting better would take several visits. It took just three or four visits and I began to notice subtle, yet lasting improvement. His technique is very different from other chiropractors as he barely uses any force. Results are what counts.

Noel W

As always, a good experience with good results. Very appreciated.

Melody C

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