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The Holistic Approach to Overcoming Migraines

Holistically Overcoming Migraines?migraine

While there continue to be various medical advancements, there are still some things the medical community just can't figure out. This, of course, limits their ability to address varying condition that arise.

What will often happen, such as in the case of head pain, is that doctors will prescribe the same medication to migraine sufferers as they would to people who suffer from seizures, depression, or high blood pressure. That's because the symptoms of all of those are often the same, which means any medication you take will only cover the symptoms.

While there are various holistic solutions available, there are also various external and internal factors that may trigger that head pain. What those triggers are will vary from person to person, which means no treatment will have the same effect on every person. That means the best way for a migraine sufferer to deal with that pain in their head is always going to be to take a more holistic approach than to medicate themselves.

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Holistic Options for Migraine Sufferers

  • Certain foods or beverages may trigger head pain, so some people may respond well to a change in their diet
  • Someone else may respond better to meditation, yoga, exercise, various herbs with relaxing effects, or acupuncture.
  • Another method that has helped many migraine sufferers is the use of biofeedback to control various conditions throughout their body, such as heart rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure.

While those options are much better than medication, the truth is they still only deal with the symptoms of migraine pain, just in a more holistic way. They don't address the underlying cause of a person's migraines, but the good news is there is a fourth method that will address that underlying cause.

Realigning Your Upper Neck Vertebrae

Upper cervical chiropractic is a specific form of chiropractic in which the chiropractor will examine your upper neck vertebrae for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of your migraine pain. The top two vertebrae in person's neck are located at the base of the brainstem, where it meets the spinal cord, and a misalignment of only 1/4th of a millimeter in those two vertebrae can cause all sorts of health problems throughout the body including migraine headaches. That means the best way to overcome migraine pain, as well as various other conditions, is to realign those two vertebrae.

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