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Beyond the Injury: Understanding Post-Traumatic Meniere's

post-traumatic Meniere's, Upper Cervical Care in Sacramento

Have you ever contemplated the enduring impact of a traumatic injury like a whiplash or concussion? Notably, many people are concerned that their previous injuries will come back to haunt them in the future, even if they have recovered from the apparent or physical symptoms. So, can this really happen? If yes, what can you do about it so you will be less likely to complain about recurring health concerns like Post-traumatic Meniere's Disease? Let’s help you understand the intriguing connection between neck and head injuries plus vestibular conditions like Meniere’s Disease. Also, read on to discover all about Upper Cervical Care in Sacramento and why it’s a must-try remedy for those with vestibular concerns after a car accident.

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What is Post-Traumatic Meniere's Disease?

To fully grasp the complexities of Post-Traumatic Meniere's Disease, it's essential to understand the condition itself. As the name suggests, Post-Traumatic Meniere's Disease occurs weeks, months or several years after a car accident. It’s a debilitating condition that can go on for years and may worsen if poorly managed. Primarily, the condition affects balance and hearing. It can prevent you from doing seemingly ordinary tasks like walking around the neighborhood or catching the information you need before doing tasks at work.

Most of the people diagnosed with this condition complain about the following combination of symptoms:

  • Recurrent vertigo (a spinning sensation)
  • Fluctuating hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • A feeling of fullness or pressure in the affected ear. 
post-traumatic Meniere's, Upper Cervical Care in Sacramento

Find Relief Through Upper Cervical Care in Sacramento

Amidst the unyielding nature of Meniere's Disease, hope emerges through various avenues for symptom management and enhanced quality of life. One avenue that shines with promise is Upper Cervical Care, a specific technique in chiropractic care that zooms in on the alignment of the topmost neck bones, particularly the atlas vertebra. 

This specific vertebral bone has a unique structure, making it crucial in maintaining the head’s upright position and the entire spine’s structural integrity. When misaligned after a whiplash or concussion, the rest of the spinal column can suffer the impact. Nearby structures like blood vessels and nerves can also get affected, compromising the delicate balance within the inner ear.

Through gentle adjustments aimed at realigning the upper cervical spine, Upper Cervical Care endeavors to relieve pressure on the nervous system, restoring seamless communication between the brain and the body. This holistic endeavor seeks to minimize the frequency and intensity of Meniere's Disease symptoms, an oasis of respite for those grappling with its clutches.

Within the vicinity of Sacramento, Dr. Brett Gottlieb and the rest of the Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Sacramento team are your partners in finding lasting relief against vestibular problems like Post-Traumatic Meniere's Disease and other consequences of spinal misalignments. 

Armed with their extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment, they forge personalized care plans to address the distinct needs of each individual. Step into their office, where compassion and expertise intertwine, paving the way toward relief and a renewed sense of well-being. If you are new to Upper Cervical Chiropractic, reach out to Dr. Gottlieb, and he’ll guide you through the status of your spine, your condition, and how you can achieve long-term relief! So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today!


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