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What Triggers Lower Back Pain? 8 Causes Explained

Anywhere in the world, people can experience pain in the lower back. It is a common issue that can result in partial disability. Individuals with lower back pain may experience mild to severe pain, making daily activities more challenging than expected.

As a clinic offering upper cervical chiropractic in Sacramento, our team has met a fair share of individuals that experience debilitating backache. We have listed eight possible triggers of low back pain that you should avoid (if you can) to reduce or eliminate your pain. Note that not all triggers on this list are entirely avoidable.

1. Nicotine

Smoking cigarettes can lead to lower back pain, aside from other health conditions. The nicotine in cigarettes contains properties that can impede good blood circulation in the body. Poor blood flow can accelerate the wearing of the discs in the spine, leading to lower back pain.

Aside from blood circulation, nicotine also has an impact on our body’s calcium absorption. This means that smokers are at risk of bone fractures due to weaker bones. We advise specific lifestyle changes to patients, such as quitting smoking and trying upper cervical chiropractic in Sacramento. 

2. Stress

Stress can bring about any health-related issue, not only mentally but also physically. The hormones that the body produces when exposed to stressors may increase tension and inflammation in the body's muscles, including your lower back.

Learning to manage your stress, if not avoiding it, can help keep lower back pain away. Try out some exercises and other relaxing activities to release stress from the body.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and low back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image  below.

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3. A Sedentary Lifestyle 

Physical activities are always beneficial. One of the benefits an individual can get from physical activities, such as exercising, is better body pain management. As technology progresses, people tend to shift into sedentary lifestyles.

For example, working individuals in offices will sit long hours on their desks. Stretching from time to time or even walking short distances can produce good benefits, in this case. If you have an inactive lifestyle, you should engage in some cardio exercises during your free time. Make it a habit to be on your feet.

4. Pregnancy 

Pregnancy might be a surprising addition to this list. However, pregnant women are prone to experiencing lower back pain due to the additional weight from carrying a baby. As the baby grows in the womb, the woman’s center of gravity shifts, adding more strain to the spine.

The body also releases hormones to prepare the woman’s body for childbirth. These hormones also have an impact on the lower back, leading to lower back pain.

5. Extra Weight

It’s no question that too much weight can put an extra strain on the muscles and bones of the body. Obesity also relates to sedentary lifestyles, which can also lead to lower back pain. The key to weight loss is discipline. Eating healthy and exercising to maintain a healthy weight and strong bones and muscles can help put an end to lower back pain. 

6. Depression 

According to research, people who have depression are almost four times more at risk of getting lower back pain than those without depression. Besides a mental condition, depression also manifests in physical ways. While depression is a chronic disorder, there are ways that it can be managed. Talking to a therapist, taking prescription medication, or engaging in activities that release good chemicals in the brain are all possible methods to manage this condition

7. Nerve Compression 

Nerve compression also plays a role in lower back pain. Misalignments in the spine are a more likely cause for this to occur. When discs in the spine press on a nerve, these can lead to pain accompanied by a tingling and numb sensation in the spine area, including the lower back.

Nerve compression can lead to a condition called sciatica. Sciatica affects the lower back, hips, buttocks, and leg areas, depending on which side of the body is affected. Certain medications can help provide temporary comfort, but addressing the issue's root can offer more long-lasting relief and healing. In this case, spinal adjustments might be necessary.

8. Physical Strain 

Physical strain may arise from vehicular accidents, sporting activities, heavy trauma, or even excessive exercising. All of these things can lead to lower back pain, especially when the spine is involved in the trauma.

In some cases, individuals involved in certain physical accidents seek upper cervical chiropractic in Sacramento to recover from their injuries.

Not everything on this list is entirely avoidable. However, there is a natural method that can help provide long-lasting relief from lower back pain.


Natural Lower Back Pain Reliever: Upper Cervical Chiropractic

If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, you might need help from an upper cervical chiropractic doctor. The upper cervical spine refers to the bones in the neck. You might be wondering what the uppermost bone in the neck has to do with lower back pain. Let us explain:

Upper cervical chiropractic care takes care of the topmost bone of the spine- the atlas. The atlas connects the head to the spine, allowing it more movement than the other vertebrae in the spine. Due to its range of motion, the atlas is vulnerable to misalignments.

Even a minor misalignment in the atlas can add strain to the rest of the spine. This happens because the spine has to adjust to the misalignment to keep the head balanced. And of course, excess strain in the spine can lead to lower back pain.

Upper cervical chiropractors can help correct the atlas misalignment. Here at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Sacramento, we employ gentle and precise corrections to guide the atlas back into its proper and natural position.

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